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Music Lessons

Caleb specializes in daytime lessons and the homeschool community

Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Voice, Music Production

Image by Caleb George

Music education facilitates student academic achievement:

  • Improves recall and retention of verbal information

  • Advances math achievement

  • Boosts reading and English language arts skills

  • Increases average SAT scores


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My name is Caleb Blacksher and I have been playing music nearly my whole life. I took private piano lessons from age 4-12 and was a choir accompanist by age 11. At age 13 I secretly took my older brother's guitar and began teaching myself. I began performing in various bands and after highschool got some touring experience for several summers across the entire United States. I relocated from Kansas City, Missouri to Huntington Beach, California in 2008 and continued to write, record/produce, and perform original music until I began playing cover music professionally in 2014. I was a lead vocalist for several groups that performed at weddings, bars, festivals, etc all over Southern California. I have two albums under the band name Echo The Sky that I wrote, played the majority of the instruments, and produced in 2006 and 2008. I moved back to the Kansas City, Missouri area in 2015 and continue to play professionally for weddings, private events, churches, bars, wineries/breweries, and more. 

Music is a major part of my life and income and I enjoy teaching others the skills I have developed over the years. I’m currently teaching from my home studio in Riverside, Missouri. It is a very inviting and creative space with everything a musician may need to start or continue their musical journey. 

I teach guitar, bass, beginner piano, beginner drum set, vocals, harmonica, and studio engineering. 

Please share this page to your homeschool group and send me a message with your needs for a teacher! 


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